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Deep Cleaning

Sometimes a regular clean just doesn't cut it. Day-to-day cleaning might be enough for light maintenance, but a thorough clean will help to rejuvenate tired spaces that can't seem to let go of their dust and dirt. Haro Cleaning Solutions offers a deep cleaning service that will help purge dirt and grime from places that you never even thought of in the past. The only indication you'll have is that the next time you peer into some forgotten corner, you'll find that our maids have already cleaned it out!

Deep cleaning services go the distance. Our window cleaning service starts very straightforward and adds on other areas that need attention as well. Besides polishing glass panes to a sparkling shine, we'll dust and wipe down the trim, windowsill, and between the blinds for a true clean.


If your kitchen suffers from years' worth of burnt-on food stuck to oven doors and microwave walls, then this service will help get all of that out. Cooking food doesn't have to be stressful when you don't have to worry about the cleanup!


When you decide that your home needs the help of our maid services to get a genuine, deep-down clean, give us a call in Norwalk, CT, and set up an appointment today. You'll be one step closer to an immaculate home.